4/15 - “MBOP - Anniversary Update”

The weather has changed, and the blooms are a-bloomin, Spring is in the air, and these birds are a-chirping. About what, might you ask? Well, thank you for asking!


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First off—you need to know about this weeks show, Friday, April 18th, at the M Room in Philadelphia, PA. The event is hosted by Saul Dratman and Jim Cunningham of Gravity Given & Forward Productions, and promises to be a barn-burner, with Magnificent Birds of Prey soaring along with Curtis Lexx, Splashing Violet, and local powerhouse Glim Dropper—if you have not yet checked out their new release “Heartsick Phenomenon” do yourself a favor, and quit dragging your feet. Great production, good hooks—both musically and vocally—melodically swirl together in a very deliberate way, as Glim Dropper continues to refine and perfect their sound. Get there at 8pm for the entire night of festivites, because the whole show promises to ruffle your feathers—in a good way. $10 gets you in, more of your own scratch gets you beer or great food, and they do have a city-wide, so enjoy a shot with your beer, have a relaxing start to your weekend, and call yourself a cab to get home safely. 21 and up, please (sorry youngins).

Now, we’d like to turn our attention to some necessary thank you’s from the past month. 

Lets start with a great big hearty thank you to all involved with Spring Fling at Shady Katie’s. The event was remarkably successful, in large part, due to the hard work of Fallen Angel Bookings and promo/games from The Defused. Big thanks to Jennifer Hillier and Lizzie Temple for the great job booking and promoting. These ladies are easy to work with, and they deliver, plus they are sweethearts, and that never hurts. Expect to see more highlights soon.


Photo Credit: Mike O’Brien (Thank you for some amazing live shots!)

We’d like to thank Amber Ladd, The Defused, and Rinse Repeat for playing great sets, as well as Shady Katie’s for having us, and the soundman for really dialing it in for the entire evening. Everything went smoothly, and we can not wait to play this particular slice of South Jersey again as soon as we are able. It’s always preferable to play with friends, or make new friends, and we can’t stress enough how frequently this has occurred for us over the past year. We do not take the continued support lightly, as it really does take the concerted and continuing efforts of multiple bands supporting one another to actually build that rapport and sense of community that we feel in the local music scene these days. Boiled down to a word: WOOT!

Moving on, we’d also like to thank Gashouse Radio for having us on-air earlier this month. We played a few acoustic tunes, which you may hear in rotation. If you haven’t heard of Gashouse (which is impossible if you’ve been reading our updates), now is the time, peoples. We suggest diving in with this new interview of Dustin Dellinger, brought to you by our good friend Chuck Old of the UTS Network. Gashouse radio is now running their own Indiegogo campaign to help with upgrading, expanding and promoting Gashouse to reach new levels. Internet radio is here, people. It is not the future—it is now. Live in the now, Carpe diem!—(or perhaps, “carpe Gashouse!”). HELP THE CAUSE CLICK HERE!

Our thanks do not end there—oh no! We would be remiss if we did not thank August and Kimmi for having us on the new “Aug and Kimmi Show” on XRP radio Thursdays Nights (7-9p.m. EST), where we were broadcast from Hot Shots as part of their live debut. That was a blast, if not a bit of a whirlwind, as we played with fellow rockers The Defused, The Terribles, and The Lost Will Follow during this all-acoustic remote from Westville. Good sets by all, thanks to all, and we’ll hopefully be playing with all of them again relatively soon.

As always, updates will continue to come fast and furiously, so always check back. We can’t wait to officially announce the “special project” we’ve been hinting at for some time now. All in due time, but deadlines dictate—SOON. Very soon. Spring has sprung, and with it comes birdsong, which you can have on-demand this Friday, 4/18, at the M Room. Hope to see you there.

Cheers ~ Carl MBOP



"The Flinging of the Spring"


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 Spring is in the air, bird watchers, can you feel it? WE CAN, so clean up your act (see what I did there?) and join us this Saturday April 5th at Shady Katie’s. We are super excited to be taking part in an all night rager to kick off the season called “Spring Fling”. This event is brought to you by the wonderful Fallen Angel Bookings. Magnificent Birds of Prey will be showing off our fine new feathery coats, as we uncork a full electric set of rock and roll on all comers. But who will be joining us in this endeavour to rock your socks right off your tootsies?

  Well, for starters, we’ve got the talented solo stylings of Amber Ladd, who has been hard at work to bring all new tunes to the stage. Amber has got the kinda pipes that will stun you into watching from the first note, until you’re shocked to realize “oh my, it’s over already”. Not to be missed. We’re also happy as heck (can’t you see the grins on our beaks), to be playing with our good pals, The Defused. These guys/gal are super fun to hang and play with. Their tunes are danceable, their beats are driving, their melodies catchy enough that we take ‘em home to the nest to sing our own lullabies. Lastly we’re joined by Rinse, Repeat who we can’t wait to meet and see live! Welcome in the Spring with Easter treats (freebies, cash prizes, and an egg hunt!), and set your sights on a date with rock and roll this Saturday at Shady Katie’s in Somerdale, NJ. See you then—support local music!



Mid-February “Championship Update” (2/19)

We would be remiss if we didn’t start off our update by giving “big ups” to all the world class athletes braving the “dangerous face water”, amongst other off-the-wall conditions to compete in the Sochi Olympics. You are all a testament to the dedication, devotion and sheer perseverance, which marks the highpoint of the human spirit. You are all champions—each and every one.

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So, with our quick, verbal head nod to the games behind us, we’d like to invite all you late night party people out to Tom & Jerry’s this Friday, the 21st, for original music night, hosted by Greto of the fantastic local band, The Silent Signals. While we will not be raining audio goodness down on you until closer to the witching hour, we highly suggest you get there early, buy us a beer with the money you saved by NOT paying a cover to get in, and watch the Rob Perna Band, and Stone with us.

Now, let’s turn our attention back to “all things champion”. “What could you possibly be talking about?”, you say? “Is this more talk about Olympians?”. No, it is not, but we are glad you asked!

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Our excitment could not be greater to officially announce that we will be receiving our championship rings for winning the Gashouse “Tournament of Champions” when we play the Legendary Dobbs (upstairs), as part of Gashouse Radio’s March showcase, on 3/8. We are migrating to South Street for a night of awesome music, including performances by Life on the Horizon, Delco Pacers, and Wave Radio. Wave Radio absolutely stole our hearts in Atlantic City, what with their creative, sweeping arrangements, and embarrasing wealth of musical talent. We are excited to be playing for the first time with both Delco Pacers, whom we originally heard on Gashouse, and Life on the Horizon. You should seriously hunt and peck through all of the bands profiles on ReverbNation—where you will find plenty of songs and videos to keep your ears whetted until the show date arrives. Mark your calendars, friends, family, and fine-feathered-fans! This showcase is also a celebration of our first anniversary as a gigging band. It has been a remarkable year for us, musically, and while we’re already wings deep into “Year 2” we hope you will join us in commemorating this milestone, as we all move together towards making new, valued memories in the year(s) to come.

Last, but certainly not least, we begin production this evening (2/19/14) on our “Live at The Spartan Tone” live video for “Aviator Glasses” and “Definition”. This will be a joint effort between The Spartan Tone Audio and videographer Charles Old of the UTS Network to capture Magnificent Birds of Prey as real in the live setting as possible. We think it will be pretty fun to bring a few songs from our debut Self-Titled EP to life, as we continue to work on new music for your earholes.

We have a new music update in the works for you, birdwatchers, but for now, you will have to catch us on the fly.

Hope to see many of you soon!




2014 Takes Flight


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Welcome to a new year, bird fans! We have SO much planned for you this year, so it’s probably best we dive right in…

First let’s start off by thanking all of our family, friends, and fans—everyone who supported us—in making 2013 a great year for MBOP. Thanks to all of you for flocking to our corner, we were very blessed to have won the Gashouse Radio “Tournament of Champions”. We would like to thank Gashouse Radio whole heartedly for an amazing year, as well as the great bands and friends such as: The Lost Will Follow, Amber Ladd, The Defused, The Good Excuses, WaveRadio, East of the West, Easy Company, The MaineStreet Band, Blue Matches and in the Presence of Wolves, among many great others who all participated with true class. There really were NO losers in this tournament, as all of the acts were proven, talented artists, many of whom have become good friends. Admittedly, my inner-dork is pleased as a Hobbit at second breakfast, that we take home the rings, “my precious…” We’ll defnitely post some pictures of our rings as soon as we get ‘em!

Secondly, let’s not glaze over the fact that “Definition” was the 2nd highest voted/rated song of 2013 on Gashouse Radio, which means a lot of people hit that “thumbs up button” and enjoyed our tune, which really tickles our tail feathers. Check out the full top ten of 2013 right here: http://gashouseradio.com/2014/01/top-10-songs-2013/

Magnificent Birds of Prey will be playing our next show with a flock of very talented artists on Saturday January 18th, courtesy of PMC and Little House Booking's night at Le Grand Fromage in Atlantic City, NJ. Doors open at 7 PM, and there will be two stages (upstairs/downstairs), featuring Hot Breakfast, The Lost Will Follow, Amber Ladd, Wave Radio, Last Great Hero, Lila, Angry Bears, For What it’s Worth, Terrible Friends, and Ego Alien. We’ve been looking forward to playing with some of these bands since we heard ‘em on Gashouse Radio, so, we’re hoping to make more new friends, and don’t worry, even if you’re not in a band, please come up and say hello. We’ll have tons of merch for sale, if you’re interested, just be sure to talk to us about “whatever”—it’s not like we bite (well, we’re birds…so, I guess we sort of “peck”, but you get the picture). Make sure to get your MBOP “Facepin”, which are free while supplies last.

Following our trip to Atlantic City, Magnificent Birds of Prey will be swooping down on The Legendary Dobbs Wednesday January 29th, as a featured artist in their weekly open-mic hosted by John Faye of John & Brittany. There are sure to be plenty of interesting characters out and about, networking, hob-knobbing, drinking, and generally having a good time—plus there will be MUSIC! We are psyched to be part of the festivities, as we prepare for a special full set return towards spring.

We are happy to announce, we’ve been added to Gashouse Radio’s March showcase, Upstairs at Dobbs, on Saturday March 8th. We’ll be playing with Delco PacersLife on the Horizon, and a few special others TBA, all bands you should be listening to in your headphones, in your car, in your sleep—wherever! Please mark your calendars and plan on getting there early and staying out late. More details to follow, but be ready to party all night.

In closing, we hope to see you all soon, whether at our shows, at YOUR shows, or just out and about. There are many more show announcements to come (mostly booked through July or August), but we didn’t want to completely overwhelm you with dates and deets. Soon, evil Ted (yeah, I made a “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey reference, wanna fight over it?). We’re beginning to pre-produce new material for our next record, and while we were happy with our debut EP, we believe our next cuts are gonna dig way deeper. But don’t take our word for it, keep your ears piqued and your eyes on the sky, and soon enough, you can decide for yourself.


Sweaty hugs and butterfly kisses,

MBOP (C. Kunz - 1/10/14)



We would like to start out this update, by tipping our feathers to everyone who came out to our last PA show of 2013 at John and Peter’s in New Hope. Thanks again to Bhauraw for having us out. Despite being sad Ballroom Spies couldn’t make it, we were impressed by the riff-rock stylings of Wonder & Fury, and hope to hear more from them in the future. Hopefully all members of the Kelch/Rieders family and friend contingency received their “Lyle MBOP face pin”, and as always, you can receive a free MBOP pin at every show you attend. A final big thanks to John and Peter’s for letting us grace their stage. It was a very quaint little place, overflowing with character, and we were made to feel right at home from the moment we walked through the door. We hope to play there again in 2014.

Speaking of 2014—this year is quickly waning, as we scramble to wring just a little more living out of 2013. It has been a truly fantastic year for MBOP thanks to all of you. It is still hard to believe we played our first show just this past March, after about nine months of writing, recording, and pre-production for our self-titled, debut EP. We pre-sold the album digitally, thanks to many of you, and it enabled us to press our first limited edition run of physical CDs. We sold through those quickly enough that we are now on our second limited run of physical CDs and we were able to make DVDs/T-shirts/Stickers and Pins. We were lucky enough to be blessed with a ton of great press and reviews as well. CLICK HERE FOR 11 REASONS you should own our debut.

2013 started with Magnificent Birds of Prey getting involved in Gashouse Radio’s band vs. band competition, gearing up for release, and running up 15 straight wins to receive a ‘retired champion status’—the first feather in our cap, prior to playing a single live show. More importantly, we’ve made many friends this year, as a result of listening to Gashouse—through the chat room, the band vs. band competition, in-studio appearances, and the many shows we’ve attended or played with other retired champions and Gashouse-affiliated bands.

Flap your wings, and flash forward to the current date and time, and you’ll find MBOP embroiled in the hot and heavy competition of Gashouse Radio’s 2013 Tournament of Champions, with all eyes on the championship ring(s). One ring to rule them all, my precious. There are only retired champions left—Amber Ladd, The Defused, In the Presence of Wolves, The Lost Will Follow, and “yours truly,” Magnificent Birds of Prey!—each talented act has it’s own legitimate claim to the crown. We are grateful to remain amongst this field of heavyweight competition, but also glad to enjoy the music and friendship of each and every one of these amazing acts.

This Friday, we face off against our good friend, Amber Ladd, whom we wish all the best, as she continues to promote her recently released new album, eleKtro (now available—everywhere). Please tune in on December 20th, to Gashouse Radio (http://www.gashouseradio.com/player) between 6 PM and 8 PM, to help vote us on to the Championship Round!

Speaking of eleKtro, Lyle and Carl were on-hand for the album release, this snowy Saturday past, where we picked up our lunchboxes (signed CDs, USB drives, t-shirt, etc—the whole shebang) in-person. It was a great line-up at The Legendary Dobbs, and a friendly atmosphere, with a lot of fun giveaways. Our self-professed “roadie”, Craig, managed to swap his Nerdwolf shirt for an In the Presence of Wolves tee showing once again that all wolves can co-exist in brotherly fashion.

On the topic of all things Nerdwolf, we’d like to present the following video morsel, as a gift from MBOP to you. Please view (again and again) the video of our live performance of “Wolves a Comin’” from our 7/5 World Cafe Live DVD (only 18 left, $5 at shows). Please also remember to bring the fangs and vote for us, this Friday (12/20) in Gashouse Radio’s tournament of Champions.

Lastly, please remember to mark your calendars as we will be playing our last show of the year, a Pre-New Year’s Bash at Hot Shots (500 Gateway Blvd. RT 45, Westville, NJ 08093) on Saturday, December 28th. Also playing are The Quixote Project, and The Lost Will Follow. We hope some of you will make your way out to hear us wave our feathers to 2013, and make way for a brand new year of rock. Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!

xoxo - Four Magnificent Birds in a Pear Tree (Carl, Jeff, Joel, Lyle)

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